Many of us enjoy fishing trips out on our boats and in and around the forest. Catching that fish is always a thrill but what if you wanted to eat it right then and there?

This man in Cambodia might just have a rough and ready solution!

The Outdoor Station - Cutting the bamboo open

At the start of the video, you can see the man cut open a section of a bamboo tube. He did so by using a hand made hammer and Bolo knife.

The Outdoor Station - Seasoning your fish

Next he grabs his freshly caught fish, cleans it up, seasons it and places it in the now opened up bamboo.

The Outdoor Station - Making a fire

He seals the bamboo section shut with the previously cut off section and begins to make a fire. After the fire gets started he works on a mini-stand where the bamboo will be placed so the fish can be cooked.

The Outdoor Station - Hmm...freshly cooked fish!

Finally the fish is cooked and ready to eat!

See full YouTube video below. Credit goes to Primitive Culture.

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