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Camping With Kids – Tips Including Activities, The Best Kids Camping Meals & More

Camping has always been an enjoyable activity. With the children in tow, it can be even better. Lets find out how to make it the best experience for everyone.

Involving kids in any activity is difficult as it is, but going the extra mile with them is all the more rewarding. Camping with kids can be a unforgettable experience for all those involved and you may even find yourself learning a thing or two from them. It may take much more planning and responsibility but it can be a refreshing and enlightening experience. Over here we list a few ways to make It easier for you to plan a camping trip with kids.

Great and fun camping activities for kids

Kids love to play games and win competitions, so arranging games and then giving some prize at the end will keep the kids busy and let them enjoy the trip. Be prepared to keep a lot of consolation prizes at hand too, so no one feels left out.


Camping Scavenger Hunt

What can be a better idea than to explore the area where you are camping? Make a scavenger hunt and let kids run free to discover a little more about the place such as the animals and wildlife around them. Make sure you send them following the buddy system and always be at hand to offer assistance.

Charades for Kids

This is a fun activity that keeps everyone involved and can be played by both the kids and the adults.

Story telling

All children love to listen to adventurous and fun stories, so take a good app or story book with you for the kids and read them a good story. To make things even more interesting, you can always go the traditional route and tell a story round a campfire.



Take a ball with you and play football, dodgeball and volleyball with the kids and make them fall in love with sports.

Cloud inspectors

Cloud inspector is one the best and most creative activity. Finding shapes in clouds will help the kids to be imaginative and creative at the same time.


Ping-pong ball in a cup

Bring some ping pong balls and solo cups and you’ve got yourself a fun game. The children can play attempt to put the balls into cups filled with water and the one who manages to put in the most wins. Simple but highly addictive!

How and what to do when camping with kids

the-outdoor-station-camping-children-outsideA few things need to be considered before you go:

  • Ensure that they have their holidays and kids don’t have school the very next day. It can cause unnecessary stress for the kids.
  • The kids are in a mood for camping and you are not forcing them to go camping with you.
  • Check that the place that you have decided for camping is safe for the kids and they can fully enjoy their experience there.
  • Confirm that the routes are not too long, which may make children tired.
  • Check that transportation is well managed and safety is considered.
  • Take kids for shopping before camping so they will have clothes, kids camping gear, camping games, snacks and their favorite camping kids tent with them.
  • Select the best possible time to go by checking the weather forecast beforehand, so rain or thunderstorms don’t ruin your plans.
  • Make sure you have a first aid kid with you.
  • Take trash bags with you as it is entirely possible you will create a lot of rubbish to clean up!

Differences between camping with kids and adults

Kids do whatever they like to do regardless if it may harm them so you need to give extra attention to them all the time. Keep an eye on what they are doing, eating and playing. You can make their camping trip a memorable experience where they learn more about nature. As we can also be very energetic and adventurous –  discovering new activates to do with the children may send you on a nostalgic trip to your own childhood.

What to bring for camping and what are the easy kids camping meals?

List of the things that you should take with you for camping are:

  1. Tent and it’s complete tool-set.
  2. Rope.
  3. Sleeping bags.
  4. Comfortable pillows and don’t forget to keep extra pillows with you because KIDS!
  5. For younger children, Baby carriers.
  6. Reusable water bottles, plates, glasses and spoons.
  7. Torch and night lights.
  8. Child sized sleeping pad and bags.
  9. Portable camp toilets and pampers.
  10. Small and large plastic bags.
  11. Campfire (matches, bundled firewood, kindling).
  12. First Aid Kit.
  13. Sunscreen and sun blockers.
  14. Extra shoes, clothes and undergarments.
  15. Kid friendly cooked food, juices and candies.
  16. Remember to keep lots of water as children are quick to get thirsty. Camp sites may have a lot of sunlight which may drain them of electrolytes. Keep water bottles and Gatorade which should be freely given to the kids whenever they are thirsty.
  17. Basic camp cooking equipment i.e. portable stove.

Easy to make snacks that are child-friendly:


They are easy to handle and a good snack to roast over the fire while you read them stories or they share stories among themselves.

Peanut Butter Bars

An easy and fast snack for active kids.

Camping Breakfast Burritos

Wrap them in foil and keep them hot coals. Breakfast is on its way!

Campfire Corn on the Cob

Put your corn on the cob in tinfoil and put butter with it, it will melt all over the corn and it will roast perfectly on the campfire.

Camping Nachos

Kids love nachos, so take some nachos with you and their favorite sauces.

Biscuits and Campfire Donuts

Donuts should always be on the menu when camping. Keep it in a paper bag with cinnamon or chocolate for tasty toppings. Buy some biscuits beforehand and hand them out for mess-free snacking.

Oven Lasagna

Make this delicious dish for your kids and everybody can sit around the campfire and share some cheesy lasagna.

Roasted Potatoes

Take along some potatoes as they can be a quick fix to a hungry stomach. Wrap them in tin foil and keep them in the fire or you can stick them on to a stick and roast them on the campfire. Either way, they taste delicious- just add a pinch of salt.


As can be seen, there is a plethora of activeness and fun to be had when camping with children. With some preparation and foresight, an amazing time can be had. The bonding experience is worth the trip alone.


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