When it comes to stress free camping, the best way to do it is straight out of a backpack. If you’re travelling and want to experience the backpacking life for real then you need to learn how to properly camp out of a backpack.

It’s one thing to throw everything into a bag and go, and another to pack your bag correctly and get the most from it. You need to take into account weight distribution and make sure that you’re not forgetting anything important.

To upgrade or not to upgrade?

To camp out of your backpack then you will need to make sure you have the correct backpacking gear as well as a camping checklist and all your backpack essentials. To start with you need to choose the correct backpack for you. Decide on what you need to use it for and for how long. This will determine the size of the backpack. Also take into account your size and how much you are able to carry. New, modern backpacks are lighter and yet stronger than ever before, so upgrading is definitely worth it.



Once you have your backpack you need to start by laying out everything you think you will need to take. Categorise these items by weight in order to make the packing process easier. Also cluster similar items together such as food stuffs or cooking utensils. That way you can easily see whether you have any duplicates. You can also group together items such as liquids and put them in a bag to ensure they don’t spill.

How to pack the bag

When it comes to actually packing the bag you should follow the basic rules for camping. Lighter night items should go at the bottom of the backpack, such as your sleeping bag and other supplies for night. In order to make your life easier you need to pack the heavier items closest to the spine. This is so you’re not putting unnecessary strain on your back and end up with back problems. Being strained can cause many issues and ruin the fun of camping for you, so by packing the bag right you will save a lot of hassle.

The rest of the bag should be filled with items you think you’ll need most often. For example, if rain if forecast then you should put the raincoat near to the top. This way you won’t have to rummage through everything just to get to it. Another important tip to remember is to utilise outside pockets on the bag. So snack food items can be placed in these pockets for easy access when you need them. You can also attach a water bottle to the outside of your bag to save space and be able to access it whenever you want without having to dig through the bag.

Camping Checklist

For your camping checklist you need to think about everything you’ll need on your trip. You may be staying in a place where there is electricity and so you may be able to pack phone chargers. If you know that you’ll have to light fires then it’s worth bringing some matches. If the place you’re going to is hot then pack sun cream and if it’s rainy then pack a raincoat. In order to successfully camp out of a backpack you need to thoroughly prepare for wherever you’re going.

Remember that being a backpacker means being prepared for any occasion and having a well-planned and packed bag is the first step toward this. So start off by following this brief guide and you’ll be well on your way to being a thoroughly prepared camper.

REI also has a nice quick guide which is also useful. Check it out below!

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