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5 Booby Traps For Home Defense

5 Booby Traps for Home Defense

If you’re into survival, camping and hiking then you will understand the importance of knots. A good knot can be the difference between having a secure place to sleep, or your tent blowing away in the night.

Ahomemade booby trap is designed to protect your home from intruders – regardless of their intent. There are many benefits to having booby traps in your home, as long as you know what you’re doing. This is why we have put together this list of the five best booby traps that you can have to defend your home.

This list includes those which are the most effective, and those which are the easiest to make yourself while being the best at protecting you. Hopefully you will learn some useful survival booby traps for defending yourself and your family.

Trip Wire

This booby trap is perfect for detecting if anyone is trying to get onto your property. A trip wire is a wire or cord which is stretched out and placed close to the ground. It is usually attached to an explosive or an alarm which is designed to ward off an intruder. It is so popular because it’s incredibly easy to make and yet so effective.

It’s easy to set up and the principle is very simple. Anyone attempting to sneak onto your property will activate the wire by walking into it, which will then either set off the alarm or explosive.

Feather Spear Trap

This is one of the earliest forms of booby traps. Our ancestors were using this hundreds of years ago – and it’s still just as effective today! It is commonly used against wild animals but can be used just as effectively to defend your home.

For animals such as wild hogs this trap can be extremely lethal – be careful while setting it up. But it is incredibly simple to do – all you need is a few sharp sticks and some rope. Choose your location wisely, animals often use the easiest path so choose this when setting up this booby trap.

Paracord Snare Trap

This is an extremely lethal yet simple booby trap. It is one of the most straightforward traps to make and you won’t need too many materials in order to do it. This trap catches the victim around the neck – although it will sometimes ensnare the body.

Either way it’s a truly effective way of capturing an intruder. Be aware though that this is an incredibly lethal trap and should be used in only the most extreme of circumstances. It is very reliable which is why it’s so popular amongst survivalists.

Cornflour Explosion

This booby trap is incredibly popular because cornflour is a common item that many people already have in their home. If not, it is incredibly easy to come by as most shops stock it. The term explosion isn’t really apt here because you’re not creating a full-on explosion.

When cornflour is sprayed into a flame of a burning candle inside a tin can, it will result in an explosion of sorts. It is ideal for defending your home as it won’t cause any lasting damage, but will certainly scare off any potential intruders.

Slow Burning Fuses

When it comes to explosions – be it big or small, you will want time to get away from it before actually setting it off. Even if the explosion was small like a firecracker – having time to move away from it would come in handy.

You can easily make a slow burning fuse at home. All you need is some cotton yarn, table sugar and potassium nitrate. By making one of these you can buy yourself a bit of time before an explosion. This way you can use the explosion as a distraction as an intruder will assume you’re near the source when actually you’ve used the time delay to move away and hide elsewhere.


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